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 City & Time > Vol. 5, No. 1 (2011) open journal systems 

Urban conservation as a core component of sustainable urban development – Constance on lake Constance as a case in point

Ilse Friedrich , Chief-conservator of the City of Konstanz

The maintenance and conservation of this city requires daily meetings with all the key players. The culture of planning in a city’s conservation and renovation demands a system of integrated planning: in Constance, urban conservation is linked to urban development and thereby represents a significant component of urban design with respect to sustainability. The working methods involved in urban conservation are characterised by a sparing use of the available resources, while at the same time being focused on longevity and cost effectiveness. In this way, urban conservation can rightly claim to have always been bound to the principles of sustainability. These principles can therefore be applied in general terms to the politics of urban development. Long-term conservation and permanent maintenance are actually reasonable principles to pursue in the design and architecture of a city. Urban conservation is a policy of preserving buildings that goes beyond mere utility-orientated thinking. Conclusion: Sustainability is a culture of prudence.

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