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City & Time is the first international journal devoted to the study and advancement of the conservation/transformation process of cities. It brings together the interests of scholars and practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines, promoting interdisciplinary effort to address the issues. The journal focusses on concepts that seek improving the quality of life in the cities by actively using heritage as catalyzer of development.

The historic city, a reference model for urban sustainable development policies

1. Introduction to the special issue of City & Time  PDF
  Paulius Kulikauskas

1. The local identity and design code as tool of urban conservation, a core component of sustainable urban development – the case of Fremantle, Western Australia  Abstract
  Agnieshka Kiera

 conceptual articles  
1. The rules of historical towns for sustainable urban development  Abstract
  Elvira Petroncelli

 conservation experiences  
1. Heritage conservation and the renaissance of the living in the inner city in Rermany: Research results of the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu)  Abstract
  Claus-Peter Echter

2. Urban conservation as a core component of sustainable urban development – Constance on lake Constance as a case in point  Abstract
  Ilse Friedrich

3. Timisoara: The historic city as a starting point for post-communist sustainable urban development  Abstract
  Daniel Tirrell & Diana Belci

4. Regeneration of historic Cairo & the sustainable development process  Abstract
  Saleh Lamei

 book/media reviews  
 Restauro, monumenti e città  PDF
  Renata Campello Cabral

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